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Department of Adult Cardiology

Head: Péter Andréka, MD, PhD

With 145 licensed beds, this department is the largest cardiology department in Hungary. It is functioning on three floors with hundred hotel beds in 2-5-bed wards, with 35 urgent care beds and with 10 cardiology intensive care beds. The nursing stuff is highly trained and very much devoted to its profession.
With 7.800 in-patient and 50.000 out-patient treatments in each year, the department is the busiest tertiary referral centre in Hungary. We also offer a popular residency and fellowship program in internal medicine and cardiology.

The Department of Adult Cardiology admits patients from the entire field of cardiology and gets referrals from both the Budapest region and from the entire country and the neighboring counties respectively as a tertiary referral centre.

The imaging laboratory of the Department is equipped with state-of-the-art echocardiography machines (HP-Phillips 5500, Phillips ie33, GE Vivid-i) and 16.000 examinations are performed yearly. Our echocardiography laboratory has always been at the forefront of echocardiography in Hungary. Our primary goal is to provide superior noninvasive echocardiography imaging and clinical interpretation for patient care. Our laboratory serves as an all-inclusive clinical, teaching, and research facility. We offer the full range of standardized and newer echocardiography techniques (TTE, TE, TDI, CRT optimization, dobutamine stress echo, stress test echo, contrast echo).
Vascular, stress test and Holter laboratories are also very busy.

The Department has launched the Ventricular Assist Device Program (Impella, Berlin Heart) in Hungary and our next goal is to perform transcatheter aortic valve implantations routinely.

Cardiology Intensive Care Unit
Our Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) offers expert care for the most critically ill cardiac patients. In this ten-bed unit, we treat complex cardiac conditions including:
  • acute coronary syndromes,
  • cardiogenic shock ,
  • acute aortic syndromes,
  • end-stage congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy, including patients awaiting cardiac transplantation,
  • complicated supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias and heart block,
  • congenital heart disease complications in adults,
  • pulmonary hypertension,
  • respiratory failure.

Our highly skilled team of medical professionals has extensive experience in managing some of the most high risk and seriously ill cardiac patients. Attending physicians, cardiology fellows, residents, physician assistants, and medical house staff, along with specialty-trained cardiac nurses with critical care expertise, provide round-the-clock care using the most sophisticated procedures available: hemodynamic monitoring, ventilation therapy, hemodialysis, intraaortic balloon counter pulsation, left ventricular assist device therapy (Impella Recover).

Last year 1.500 seriously ill patients were admitted to the CICU from the entire country and this number is constantly increasing. We participate in the primary PCI rotational on-call system in the Budapest region.

Urgent Care Unit

This is a 35 bed-unit with 12 telemetry beds dedicated to treat patients discharged from the CICU, awaiting for ICD, living with Berlin Heart VAD or with the necessity for monitoring in any reason. The majority of the urgent referrals from other hospitals go through this Unit.

Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Unit

The Department of Adult Cardiology is the top referral centre for severe heart failure in Hungary. The most seriously ill are treated as in-patients, but the main goal of our heart failure program is helping people live quality lives through outpatient management of their heart failure. The program is managed by attending physicians, registered nurses, physiotherapists, dietetics, psychologists and social workers.
The specialized team of the Unit offers the most recent and promising array of treatment options available. Among these are proven state-of-the-art medications, mechanical heart assist devices, and surgical interventions including resynchronization therapy and transplantation.
The Department of Adult Cardiology is the leading centre selecting transplant candidates in Hungary and all patients awaiting for urgent transplant or with the necessity for circulatory support are admitted to the Department from the entire country. The team of the Heart Failure and Transplant Unit looks after all the heart transplanted patients (82 patients as of June 2008) in the country and deals with the problems of the post transplant period.

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Unit

The success of cardiac surgery in childhood at the Gottsegen Hungarian Institute of Cardiology has produced a large population of adults with congenital heart disease. These adults present a unique challenge for the cardiology community. In Hungary, ours is the only adult congenital heart disease program. Our cardiologists familiar with particular anatomy and problems provide highly specialized in- and out-patient care of adults with congenital heart disease looking after some 2.500 patients. Our program includes physicians specifically trained in adult congenital heart disease with expertise in echocardiography, interventional cardiac catheterization, interventional electrophysiology, pulmonary hypertension, complex congenital heart surgery, and cardiac transplantation. Related care by specialists in high-risk pregnancy, genetics, fetal echocardiography, GI and liver disease, pulmonary, and hematology is readily available.

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